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The National Lottery

After obtaining a draw-based lottery ticket, in which the series and the number are indicated, obtainer - the owner of the ticket- takes part in the raffling of the prize fund, conducted every year on December 28.

The raffling of the prize fund will be implemented in the following way: Within the organized show program there are two transparent drums, in one of which there are series of the tickets, in the other are numbers. One by one the series and numbers are getting out, and then the winner is detected.

The priзe fund of draw-based lottery will consist of valuable national items with the hallmark «made in Artsakh». 

After completing the drawing, the information of the winning ticket will be posted on the official website of the organizer, as well as published in a newspaper in the period of 5 days.

After winning, the owner of the ticket applies to the organizer or the representative in his/her respective country with an identification document and receives the prize until December 1 of the following year.

The cost of draw-based lottery ticket is 2000 AMD.