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SMS lottery

     The lottery ticket within the frameworks of conduction of non draw-based lottery is one short SMS message.

     Sending a short message from mobile phone number to the organizer’s number people automatically become participants of the lottery.

    The program automatically chooses the winner by a special devised sequence. After sending a message a participant receives a response, which confirms the fact of his/her participation in the lottery. In case he/she is a winner he/she receives an additional message indicating the prize and contacts of the organizer.

     To get the prize the winner should apply to the office of the organizer with passport or certificate indicating that he/she is the owner of that item.

     The list of prizes of SMS lottery includes household appliances, as well as a bonus game will take place among the active participant, which have sent more that 100 messages. The program will choose three active participants automatically. They will be awarded: first place-500 000 AMD, second place-300 000 AMD, third place -200 000 AMD.

     Lottery scheme

     With the devised sequence, each short “x” message may become the winner and this sequence will constantly repeat.

     The bonus lottery will take place after each “x” short message, within the frameworks of general sequence.

     The cost of one short message is 300 AMD.

     SMS lottery in present state operates only in NKR

     All the subscribers of Karabakh Telecom can participate in the raffling.